A collaborative platform for positive social change.

The world is full of people with brilliant ideas on how to create a brighter future. Imagine if there was a way for us to unite in this mission?

That’s the purpose of Forthisworld.

To bring us together, we are building a digital change platform. It will be a place that gives us the chance to meet around critical matters that need radically new ways of collaborating. So that we can identify, develop and launch solutions that have a positive impact on the world.

Give good ideas wings to fly. Together with us.

Do you also want more good ideas to see the light of day? Right now, we are looking for investors and collaboration partners who are willing to contribute to positive change.

Parham Shafti, Coordinator

@ Forthisworld 

Yet, does the world really need another platform?

There’s an excess of people who want to make the world a better place. We have a surplus of ideas, knowledge, and energy.

The challenge consists of channelling the resources toward collaboration with a common goal. That’s what brings progress.

This is the insight behind Forthisworld and the reason that we are creating a platform for change.

Bringing together those who desire to create a brighter future allows us to put all the insights, talents, and strategies out there to the best use possible. No matter what the goal happens to be.

Moreover, we make sure to connect all these great  initiatives with enablers, in the form of the right investors and collaboration partners.

By doing so, we bridge the gaps between everyone who wants to make positive change happen. And take the next step towards a brighter future.

We who work for the world.

What unites us is a relentless passion for building bridges. Between good intentions and practice. Between theories and results. Between the world today and a brighter future.

Anders Ödman


Anna Westberg

Business developer

Claes Nordén


Jacob Marinko

Product developer

Kim Dahlberg


Parham Shafti


Robert Sevenius

Corporate counsel

Thomas Kirkegaard

Product owner

Joel Ringberg

Community manager

Our good advisers.

Our advisors are some of the leaders in their various areas. Their experiences and knowledge broadens our approach and strengthens us in the implementation.

Thomas Björkman

Ekskäret Foundation

Malin Lindberg

Luleå University

Fredrik Björk

Malmö University

Klas Orsvärn

IT-entrepreneur and researcher

Collaborate for a sustainable world.

Contact us to see how you or your organisation can support the development of Forthisworld. So that more good ideas can see the light of day.

Parham Shafti, Coordinator

@ Forthisworld